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How to transform a bad transcription of a pop song into a functional, musical vocal score

Connect text, rhythm, and musicality seamlessly in song.

WordWaves is a visual musical language for singers, teachers, songwriters, and anyone who works with sung music.

"WordWaves comes from the language, tools, and technique I use to teach vocalists of all levels, from first-time singers to Broadway actors."

– Andrea Grody, Creator of WordWaves
The Band's Visit

Music Director of the Tony Award-winning Broadway Musical THE BAND'S VISIT


Music Director of the Tony-nominated Broadway musical TOOTSIE

New York Vocal Coaching

Resident Music Director and Senior Voice Teacher at New York Vocal Coaching

WordWaves helps to clarify the question:

"I'm singing all the right notes.
Why doesn't this feel right?"

There's more to vocal music than what sheet music can show.
Traditional music notation is very good at showing when pitches happen. But it has no way of conveying the elements of music that actually make a song feel right.

WordWaves uses simple, dynamic visuals to illuminate the interplay between the rhythm of language and the rhythm of music. It allows you to stretch beyond the confines of sheet music and gives you tangible, actionable tools for engaging with feel, groove, and all the other "hidden" parts of music.

WordWaves is a powerful supplement to traditional music notation.

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How to transform a bad transcription of a pop song into a functional, musical score

Break free from the confines of sheet music and learn to see music in a whole new way.


Turn abstract musical concepts, like feel and groove, into clear visuals you can point at, talk about, and adapt to suit your needs.


No more struggling with vague, subjective directions like “Really SAY the words” or “Feel the groove.” WordWaves gives you clear, practical tools that make it easy to apply those ideas directly in performance.


WordWaves derives from our inherent understanding of the natural world, so even the most complicated music feels intuitive.


No more getting stuck learning a song by imitating someone else’s performance. WordWaves is completely customizable to the unique way you think about music, so you can interpret songs in a way that feels true to your artistic voice.


Anyone can understand WordWaves. You can, too, whether you’re a total music theory nerd or someone who’s never read sheet music before.

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Who is WordWaves for?

Singers who don't read music or struggle with traditional music theory

WordWaves allows you to:

  • Learn music faster
  • Demystify musical rhythm and make it accessible and fun
  • Connect to complex musical ideas in ways that actually match your personal experience of music (not math!)
  • Make a song your own without having to imitate someone else's performance
Musical theatre and opera performers

WordWaves allows you to:

  • Learn music faster
  • Connect complex music to storytelling and emotion so you can lead with story while you sing
  • Turn vague notes like "Say the words more" and "Feel the groove" into actionable directions
  • Sing in rhythm without sounding mechanical or robotic
  • Break free of the rigidity of music notation without sacrificing musical integrity
  • Make a song your own without having to imitate someone else's performance
Vocalists looking to deepen their connection to text and groove

With WordWaves, you can:

  • Break free of "mechanical" singing and express the deeper emotion of a song
  • Connect story and emotion to music theory in tangible, actionable ways
  • Turn vague notes like "Say the words more" and "Feel the groove" into actionable directions
  • Sing in rhythm without sounding robotic
  • Combine musical freedom and acting seamlessly
Music directors and vocal coaches

With WordWaves, you can:

  • Make music theory accessible to all your students, even those who don’t read music
  • Translate complex, intangible musical ideas to your singers in ways that feel intuitive and actionable
  • Break singers free of “mechanical” rhythm and get them connecting to emotion and storytelling
Composers, lyricists, librettists, and songwriters

With WordWaves, you can:

  • Combine music and lyrics in powerful ways that express your ideas and that singers will love to sing
  • Communicate clearly about scansion so your lyrics are set correctly to music and your melodies get lyrics that scan correctly
  • Build a shared vocabulary for talking about music that everyone can understand, regardless of their musical background (or lack thereof)
Directors, choreographers, and other music theatre creatives

With WordWaves, you can:

  • Express your musical ideas clearly with your musical and non-musical collaborators, even if you have very different musical backgrounds
  • Create a visual musical score that shows how the music feels
  • Translate your ideas into terms that performers and creatives alike can understand and respond to

With WordWaves, you can:

  • Deepen your connection to musical rhythm and phrasing
  • Gain actionable tools to level up your musical expressivity and nuance
  • Embody complex musical ideas intuitively so you can express your ideas clearly without losing musical freedom

WordWaves for Instrumentalists coming soon!


Hannah Shankman

Actor (Broadway: Wicked, Les Miserables, Side Show, Hair)

"WordWaves is an absolute must take for anyone who wants to upgrade their understanding of music and lyric and their harmonious relationship. As someone who has been working in musical theatre for years, I have never come across a class like Andrea’s. Her approach helps musicians of any level marry lyric and musical rhythm in a way that brings songs to life in a new way. Her approach is accessible for all types of musicians and levels of experience. I would honestly take the class all over again!"

Sara Kapner

Actor (The Band's Visit, Rags, bare)

"When I receive a piece of new music, I struggle with making it dynamic without a reference point. WordWaves provides a technique for learning new music and making it sing dynamically, without ever having to hear anyone else’s vocals on the song. I definitely will use it when I approach new music. I feel that it ultimately will allow me to feel freer in my choices so I can really focus on the storytelling, which is super exciting!"

Amanda Ku

Accompanist and Music Director

"Andrea’s open-minded and intuitive approach to rhythm prioritizes the singer’s perspective in a way that feels fresh and validating. I’ve attended multiple WordWaves workshops, and every time I’m excited by the many layers and impressive adaptability of this framework. If you want to empower yourself and others to embody any level of music with increased confidence and ease, I highly recommend checking out WordWaves."

Adrian Ries

Music Director, Pianist

"Learning music can be difficult, draining, and mystifying. Andrea has broken down the complex interplay of text and rhythm into a simple and systematic method that is specific and accessible. WordWaves has inspired me to look at music I’ve known for decades with a fresh pair of eyes and ears. It has also given me more coherent language to describe concepts I’ve previously only been able to talk about in abstract or intangible ways. Andrea’s passion for WordWaves is captivating and infectious! I’ve already incorporated many of WordWaves’s lessons into my own study and coaching. Thanks Andrea!"

Michael Dewar


"Andrea kicks ass. She has somehow found a way to verbalize the connection between music theory and acting, a tool which is invaluable to anyone in the performing arts. This workshop pushed me in ways I haven’t felt since college and I couldn’t be more excited to apply WordWaves to my craft as an actor! If you handle sheet music in your career, I highly urge you to take this class and prepare to learn a new way of navigating the complexities of music and rhythm with ease. Do yourself a favor and give this a shot."

Emily Erkman

Founder/Vocal Teacher, Colorado Vocal Studios

"To say I enjoyed WordWaves is an understatement. I’ve always known that rhythm is an important tool for singers, but this workshop opened my mind to even more ways that rhythm has an effect on style and an audience’s perception of songs. Because ofWordWaves, I have many more tools to assist my singers’ process in rhythmic "decisions" in their songs. It really has made a difference for my songwriting students as well.

Andrea’s passion for these concepts is contagious. You can tell that she really cares about making sure that the attendees are experiencing and understanding the material as she goes along. I would recommend WordWaves to any singer or singing teacher interested in learning more about rhythm, yes, but also artistry and expression."

With WordWaves, you have the power to engage with the hidden parts of music that make your songs finally feel right.

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